August 15, 2016

Remote Support

Do you need help with your computer but want to save yourself some time and money? Our Remote Support service is a great way for you get help, fast! This service allows us to connect remotely to your computer, and hopefully resolve any issues you might be having. With the added benefits of being cheaper and faster than if you were to bring your computer into our offices.

Our remote connections use full encryption which is based on 2048 Bit RSA private/public key exchange and 256 Bit AES session encoding. This uses the same security level as HTTPS/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards.

Remote Support is charged out by the hour at a cost of £28 per hour. The majority of problems are usually resolved within this period.

If you prefer, we can arrange for one of our technicians to attend the premises for a site-visit.

Contact Us for more information.