August 12, 2016

Tune-Up Service

Why does my computer slow down?

Your computer gets slow for a variety of reasons:

  • Virus and Spyware – Usually the single biggest reason why computers slow down, and most of the time you are unaware you have an infection.
  • Hard Drive Space – Lack of sufficient free disk space slows your computer considerably.
  • Software Problems – Programs may have been installed and then uninstalled leaving behind unnecessary files.
  • Data Corruption – Data corruption on the Hard Drive can cause the computer to slow considerably
  • Overheating – Issues in the cooling system can cause your computer to behave erratically and even fail in extreme cases.
  • Bad Hardware – System components nearing the end of their life or experiencing a fault can have an adverse effect on your computer preventing it from functioning correctly.

These processes usually happen gradually over a period of time so you don’t always notice immediately, but with our Tune-Up Service, we breathe new life into your computer.

If your computer is running slow or needs updating, our Tune-Up Service will nurse your PC back to good health with minimal downtime. This service ranges from basic optimisations to advanced system recovery (in extreme cases).

The work required depends on the issues you are experiencing and what our investigations reveal. Our Tune-Up Service includes many or all of these areas of focus:

  • Software Optimisations (Windows/Registry/Applications)
  • Removal of ‘junk’ applications
  • Windows Updates
  • Clear out of temporary/junk system files
  • Full spyware/malware/virus scan and removal
  • Hard Drive Optimsations
  • System Health Checks

This service carries a minimum charge of £40 for a basic Tune-Up, and a maximum charge of £120 for our most comprehensive Tune-Up Service. It does not include the supply of any Software/Hardware. We will seek your express approval before carrying out any work not covered by our Tune-Up Service.

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